‘The State of Design in Malaysia’ Dossier, Graphic Design Association of Malaysia (wREGA)

The by-invitation roundtable discussion was chaired by Prof. Helmut Lueckenhausen and attended by board members of the International Council of Design (ico-D), Indigo Ambassadors, business and design educators, design associations and the executive committee members of wREGA. It is a discourse on issues preventing Design from being a key contributor to a nation’s overall growth, and what could be the solutions to these problems – skewed towards the context of the Malaysian landscape. The intention of this discourse is to gain insight from ico-D in empowering the Malaysian design industry with the professional teamwork from wREGA to create a dossier to the Prime Minister of Malaysia on the importance of Design for the country.

Photographed by:
Zarul Nazli Zulkhurnain, Harith Riza Rasid

Designed by:
Zarul Nazli Zulkhurnain

Zachary Haris Ong (M.wREGA), Ng Foong Wai (A.wREGA)

Dr. Debbie Gan (M.wREGA), Irina Muis (M.wREGA)

Download the document here.

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