President-Elect 2015-2017, International Council of Design

( Photo: The newly minted Executive Board of International Council of Design 2015 – 2017. From left to right: Wang Ziyuan (China), Heidrun Mumper-drumm (USA), Antoine Abi Aad (Lebanon), Peter Florentzos (Australia), David Grossman (Israel), Tyra von Zweigbergk (Sweden), Zachary Haris Ong (Malaysia), Iva Babaja (Croatia), Cihangir Istek (Turkey), Rebecca Wright (UK) (not in picture). Photo by Idzwan Junaidi )



GWANGJU, Oct 23: Malaysia’s graphic design practitioner Zachary Haris Ong, was unanimously voted today as President-elect of the International Council of Design (ico-D) during the 26th ico-D General Assembly in this South Korean city.

Zachary who is the president of the Graphic Design Association of Malaysia (wREGA) will succeed David Grossman of Israel when his current term ends in 2017. He is not only the first Malaysian, but also ASEAN’s first ico-D President-elect. Zachary’s selection as President-elect marks the recognition of Malaysian talents by the international design community.

The International Council of Design (ico-D) is a member-based world body comprised of design professionals, design academicians and design experts from around the world. They are active vindicators of design excellence as a medium of change for social, cultural and economic movement.

Malaysian delegates to the assembly consist of Gan Aaron (Honorary Secretary), Arez Ezman (Committee Member), and Vishal J.Singh (Associate Member) from wREGA.

As president of wREGA, Zachary has proven his position as an active beacon in the design industry on a national scale through series of actions; most notably the call for a new Merdeka logo in 2012, spearheaded the Rediscovery: Icograda Design Week in Sarawak and implemented the Code of Professional Conduct for graphic design practitioners.

ico-D President Elect candidate, Zachary Haris Ong delivering his proposition to the delegates at the 26th General Assembly in Gwangju, South Korea. Photo by Idzwan Junaidi

( Photo: wREGA Malaysia delegates with ico-D’s newly appointed President Elect, Zachary Haris Ong. From left to right: Arez Ezman (wREGA Committee), Gan Aaron (wREGA Honorary Secretary), Zachary Haris Ong (wREGA President), Zarul Nazli Zulkhurnain, Vishal J. Singh (wREGA Associate Member). Photo by Idzwan Junaidi )

“I am honoured to be elected as President-elect and to represent Malaysia on a global stage. With my appointment, I am committed to spark the next real evolution of design, that is to enable world governments to participate and profit from the power of design to further bettering quality of life for all.”

With his position in ico-D, Zachary is committed to lead and co-develop a robust and sophisticated resource on communicating the value of design, national design policy, accreditation and certification in enabling design economies for the world.wREGA will participate in this year’s Malaysian Design Festival (MaDe 2015) in December as one of the 6 design-related associations where Zachary will be present as a panel member.

Meanwhile, David, President of ico-D said “We’re very pleased that Zachary is going to join us on board and serve as President Elect. We know that he has a proven record in his home country for promoting and developing awareness of design and he’s already been active in our activities. I’m sure he’s going to make a very important contribution to our work internationally and we also hope to be an opportunity to get to be more involved in the Malaysian design industry and maybe with some good fortune we might be making a visit and learn more about Malaysia”.

Written by the Graphic Design Association of Malaysia, wREGA

For the official announcement by International Council of Design, click HERE.

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