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What is design, really? For those who have been practicing design long enough, it is impossible to ‘unsee’ unethical designs that’ve been applied and paid for. One would ponder on the cosmetic up-sell by the designers in their respective industries without considering the consequences of their actions being reflected directly on to the nation.

Design itself […]

Educating Design Leadership: Pt. I

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The words ‘leadership’ and ‘management’ are usually synonymous. Place together the words ‘leadership’ and ‘business’, it remains valid. Try putting together the words ‘leadership’ and ‘design’, and we now enter a brand new territory. How does a designer connects oneself to design leadership within the context of his or her study or work […]

Fixed Rates

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Over the years, there was a constant inquiry on how to elevate the graphic design industry to a more secure strata. Whether it’s from a professional, individual, or even a educational standpoint, design is the absolute subconscious that resides in any trade.

Point in case: the UK government spent […]

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