What are the characteristics of graphic designers in this period of myriad speculation? Should anyone succumb to misinformation? Are they really stupid? Let’s go over the facts we have so far.

Sharp minds are what the profession is usually associated with, as the ability to differentiate between functional, decorative, and cosmetic designs is crucial for every account. It is necessary to comprehend and adhere to trade requirements, to adequately define the thought processes, as well as pay attention to detail when making improvements.

Tactful or thoughtful designers tend to put in more effort when receiving briefs. They would often go the extra mile in their research in order to navigate towards the direction and possibilities of the volatile first draft. Usually unseen and unmentioned, it comes as no surprise that those who do so frequently bypass the initial stages with ease.

United towards a common cause, designers tend to function almost like a hive mind, constantly improving every strata of the trade. The drive to create – coupled with a spirit of competition – exemplifies their career path, creating a cumulative ripple that will most likely result in a beneficial impact. As with any other profession, there will be creative differences in between – but those very differences would help steer towards a more preeminent goal, i.e. shaping the industry landscape as we know it.

Persistence – perseverance and consistency in design – has always been synonymous with good graphic designers. Lately, there has been an increase in demand for rapid output. Those with the aforementioned characteristics would not only reduce the time taken to ideate, but would also embed confidence into the design as clients anticipate results. This magnifies their skill sets in the long run, creating a reputable repertoire of designs to choose from.

Impeccable work ethics are often seen as the fundamental basis in every designer. It builds professional relationships, in addition to solidifying team-building, thus setting off a chain of positive events that holds everything together. These ethics are often highlighted as a common practice by renowned designers, inspiring other designers to emulate them, and creating strong moral principles that would be passed on throughout the years.

Diligent designers tend to shine brighter, especially from a client’s point of view. They will assist in paving the way at all the delicate stages, where consistency is key in order to break through a threshold: preparing for a design pitch is a fine example that comes to mind. Although there are some who tend to view these creators as “non-creatives” or even as “one-trick ponies”, this unique trait will ultimately becoming their calling card,an industry trademark – and there is plenty of room for them to grow, as time is unequivocally on their side.

Turning the question on its head, do you think that graphic designers are S.T.U.P.I.D. (sharp, tactful, united, persistent, impeccable, and diligent)? You just might be right.