Klinik Pergigian Fauziah is a dental practice that has been providing complete professional dental services since 1988, which was founded by Dr. Fauziah Mohamed Yunus. Specialising in cosmetic dentistry, the Clinic also Children Dentistry; Dentures; Digital Dental Radiography; Laser Dentistry; Minor Oral Surgery; Root Canal Treatment; and EmunDo Photodynamic Therapy; and the Clinic has branches in Publika, Menara Centara, and Taman Melawati.


The Clinic prides itself on offering professional services that are accessible and customer-centric, where Dr. Fauziah and her team make it a point to treat their patients in as warm, informative, and helpful manner as possible. This became the springboard through which ZHOA was able to work from to tie together its creative direction.

A colour palette based on the Clinic's corporate colours was utilised, employing soothing colours that suggest an open and welcoming feel. Specific designs were made for collaterals that worked well across platforms, such as the the website and the Clinic's Social Media pages, which also benefitted from ZHOA's touch - all of which will make it easy for visitors to come, and that will leave them leaving with bright smiles on their faces.

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