TopNotch Group is a premier job agency that specialises in recruitment services for higher level job designations. Focusing mainly on the ASEAN region and its surroundings, the company has professional Recruitment Consultants, an up-to-date Candidate Database Management System, and a candidate pool that is rigourously and stringently vetted. This has resulted in TopNotch gaining a reputation for having an immaculate placement rate that is both effective and successful.

In addition to shoes, Lewré also offers accessories and bags. The company's core value is to provide products that possess the hallmarks of comfort, style, simplicity, innovative design, and quality material, and the brand is currently marketed to more than 20 countries around the world.


For Lewré, ZHOA worked with the company on one of the brand's main products: Lewré Bespoke, which offers highly customisable hand-made footwear creations that are Made-To-Order and designed by Lew himself. An interview with the founder set the tone and direction, and the requirement was to produce for Lewré's customers an interactive online experience that is immersive, sophisticated, and elegant.

Following the conception and design stages, the development of the online experience was undergoing several incarnations, taking into account reviews made and incorporating even more innovative multimedia features that were current and eye-catching.

The final result turned out to be more impressive and pleasing than was expected. Customers are not only able to see the designs on offer but are able to rotate the shoe completely to any angle they wish, as well as to zoom into a sharp magnified view that displayed the details and craftsmanship with exquisite clarity - a truly immersive interactive experience.

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