Reka Negaraku is a series of design events - consisting of an open forum, a closed forum, and supporting design events - to champion the importance of design and how it has influenced Malaysia over the years. It was an opportunity for local designers to participate and to discuss and tackle current issues in order to pave the way towards co-creating the future of design in Malaysia.

Reka Negaraku was ideated by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) to be a sub-campaign under Seni Negaraku, which itself falls under the Negaraku national campaign.


Seni Negaraku was an amalgamation of campaigns dedicated to the art forms found in Malaysia, to expose the public to the arts and to reinstill a love for arts and design in the society. The overall aim was to show the importance of design and how it could contribute to the shaping of the nation.

In line with this, ZHOA was appointed by the PMO to handle Reka Negaraku, covering the design for the entire campaign - brand identity, collaterals - which resulted in a striking unified whole which sported a modern look that made respectful use of identifiable traditional elements. Additionally, ZHOA was also given the task of undertaking and coordinating the various sub-events that were run, as well as looking after the various speakers. As such, ZHOA worked closely with the PMO, the National Archive, and Balai Seni Negara (The National Art Gallery). The event proved to be very well received by the participants - from the government, the industry, the speakers, and the general public - and the aesthetics, forums, and event flow won positive praise from many sides.