TopNotch Group is a premier job agency that specialises in recruitment services for higher level job designations. Focusing mainly on the ASEAN region and its surroundings, the company has professional Recruitment Consultants, an up-to-date Candidate Database Management System, and a candidate pool that is rigourously and stringently vetted. This has resulted in TopNotch gaining a reputation for having an immaculate placement rate that is both effective and successful.

Soaring to greater heights

Having made their mark in the world of recruitment, TopNotch decided to refresh its brand - an original logo where the company name incorporates an eagle soaring above a mountain - and elevate it as befitting of an agency of international calibre and stature.

As such, ZHOA's proposal was concerned with the creation and usage governing the company's logo, typeface, and ancillary image collaterals: its Corporate Identity (CI). The proposal took into account the need for TopNotch's image to embrace adaptability, where it can be updated to be more in line with the latest digital applications of the current era.

A series of designs were offered for the logomark, where the eagle and mountain were stylised into a separate emblem. Additionally, the client was also presented with a selection of proposed typefaces, of which one was recommended for its versatility and suitability. These choices were narrowed down and refined, and the ultimate design choice was then fully incorporated into TopNotch's CI and website.

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